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Strand Secrets Bamboo wrap brush relieves stress, detangles hair, increases blood circulation, helps achieve healthy hair. Natural bamboo,Ball tipped wooden bristles gently stimulate the scalp. Rubber cushioned pad gently follows the contours of the head, helping to stop hair breakage, results may very.

Bamboo wrap brush 7 row

$20.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Strand Secrets Bamboo detangling wrap brush can be used several ways,

    1.Brushing... Brush from sclap to ends arox. three strokes at a time. 2.Detangle... After shampooing (do not allow hair to dry) apply our M2 mouistrizer. Using the Bamboo brush, starting at the ends while holding the hair using small sections brush out tangles.Use small sections for best results.

    3.Wrapping ... add M2 mousturizer using the Bamboo brush wrap from left to right (leftty's from right to left) following with oppisite hand smoothing,once wrapped use our Tripple silk wrapping scarf.

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